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Interview – Migueloud

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Migueloud is the guitarist for Spanish math/tech/death legends; Wormed!

#1 – Which guitarists have influenced you most as both a player and songwriter over your years of playing?

Hello there! There are a lot of guitar heroes that have influenced me since I started to listen to rock, metal and extreme metal. Some classics like Ritchie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen or Adrian Smith were the ones who made me want to start playing the guitar when I was a kid. In the sonwriting side I think guitarists like Dimebag Darrel, Doug Cerrito or Chuck Schuldiner (among others) have been an important influence in how I plan nowadays in some way, although I try to have my own sound.

#2 – How did you come to join Wormed in 2008 and what did you try to bring to the band from day one?

After the band released the first album “Planisphaerium” in 2003 and did some tours in Europe and Japan, they entered a hiatus for some time. Then they wanted to reactivate the band and they asked me to join, so for me it was a great opportunity to play with great people and experimenting with non-typical death metal as I was used to with other bands. They had great and crazy ideas for the new material and I have always tried to make the music more twisted and more “ambient” or “atmospheric” in a way, so I think the way I compose fits in well with the whole concept.

#3 – In researching your gear, I notice you have used many amps. Is this gear experimentation or just rented gear for festivals and tours?

Well, I have owned a Triple XXX from Peavey since 2003 and I have used it in shows and fests in Spain because I’ve been able to bring it with me. When I play outside of my country I usually ask for some high gain amp like the Triple XXX, Peavey 6505 or Mesa Boogie for instance, because with any of them I can reproduce the distortion with which I feel comfortable for playing live. It’s normal that the promoters rent them for fests, so the tones for our live situations are similar to the album ones, or at least I try my best! But hey, I’m a guitar gear freak, so if any amp makes a great distortion and it’s loud enough I’m totally happy with that! haha

#4 – The new Wormed EP “Metaportal” (Season Of Mist) is out July 19th 2019. What gear was used for all the guitar tracking on the new album and how did it differ from the set-up you used on 2016’s “Krighsu”?

For the guitar tone of “Metaportal” I recorded 4 tracks plus arrangements per song: two with a Diezel Herbert mixed with a Peavey 5150 and two with the Diezel Herbert mixed with a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, all through a Maxon 808 for the extra gain.

The cabs were two Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4X12 and the guitars were an Ibanez Prestige RGR652 with a Bareknuckle Warpig (the ceramic version) and my old LTD HB300 with EMG’s (81 – 85 set). For “Krighsu” we recorded 4 tracks too, but we only used the Peavey Triple XXX mixed with the Diezel Herbert with the same cabs that I have used for “Metaportal”. Regarding the guitars, we used a Mayones Setius 7 with Seymour Duncan SH4 pickups and a Ibanez Prestige RGD2126 with Dimarzio pickups. The sound of “Krighsu” is great but we wanted to try something “cleaner” but still punchy for this new EP and we are really happy with the result. I

have read some comments in forums complaining about how it sounds a little sterile or things like “the sound doesn’t fit with the kind of music they play blablabla”… We don’t care about the “technical expert” opinions and,  although we are fans of tons of 90’s productions, we don’t want to sound like that in 2019. Just a matter of taste, I guess.

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#5 – Wormed has been a single-guitarist band since 2016, what did you have to change about your gear and writing to be able to perform everything live? Did you have to set your tones a lot differently to fill the space?

Yes, I had to think about how to make the band sound full as if we were two guitar players only with me, so I started to use an ABY pedal (from Radial Engineering) with two heads for playing live because that gets the band more of a “two guitars” feeling, as I am the only guitar player in Wormed, and I have to say that with these two signals we are really comfortable on stage and people can notice it through the FOH system as well.

#6 – There’s a huge amount of hi-gain guitar software out there these days. Do you have any experience with amp sim plugin / software at all? If so, which plugins have you tried?

Yeah, it’s great to see how technology has come to the guitar world. It makes it easier to rehearse on your own with your computer or record something in the easiest way, so it’s great for sure. I have the Bias FX in my computer and it works really well for my needs. I know there are a lot of great plugins out there and I would love to try the Fortin Nameless Suite Plugin! I have listened to some clips recorded with it and it sounds really realistic, so I hope it’s my next purchase!

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#7 – So many metal bands have moved to compact digital set-ups for tours. Being a band that travels so often to a wide variety of locations have you considered going with a Kemper or AxeFx set-up out of convenience?

Well, two years ago I purchased a Line 6 Helix (the floor version) because I play in another band with which we need plenty of space on stage because there are dancers, a choir, keyboards and some classical instruments. We use in-ears because it’s not possible to have real amps on stage so we started to try some amp emulators like Kemper and Helix. I have to say that we didn’t notice that much difference between the two having the same amp + cab emulation, only little details but neither of the two sounded better or worse, just different. For our needs we got the Helix and we are really happy with it. I recently bought some great Mesa Boogie impulse responses from ML Sound Lab and it sounds godly through de PA, and because of that I have started to use the Line 6 Helix with Wormed too and it has worked perfectly, so I will keep using it for sure.

#8 – Having been playing metal and hi-gain genres for a good while, I have to ask, what is the worst distortion pedal you have ever heard?

Hahaha That’s a good question! I have used only three distortion pedals since I started to play the guitar: the Boss Metal Zone, the Du Hast from AMT and the Amptweaker Tightmetal, and the Metal Zone is by far the worst of the three. It’s not a bad pedal if you use it through the effects loop, but if you are a beginner player and are 14 years old (as I was when I used it) and plug it in the clean chanel of a cheap amp, it’s not going to sound good hahaha

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#9 – Is Human Mincer still happening? How does it work out having two bands with mostly the same members? Will there be new material in the future?

Not at this moment. We are on standby mode since 2010 because it was difficult to work full time with both bands and I made the decision to stop, which was sad because it was my band since 1996, but I needed a break. Maybe this year we will organize a reunion show, but it’s not 100% sure.

#10 – Every guitarist has his or her favorite albums and tones to listen to. What are few of your favorite recorded guitar tones in metal or any other genre?

There are a lot of albums that I love not only for their music but for their production, as could be “Black Gives Way to Blue” by Alice in Chains, “Nothing” by Meshuggah, “Vulgar Display of Power” by Pantera or “This Godless Endeavor” by Nevermore. The guitar tone that Jeff Loomis gets in all of his recordings is simply perfect, despite the gear he uses! Regarding extreme metal stuff I love the tone of  “Pierced from Within” from Suffocation above all.

#11 – Summer is an awesome time to put out an album. With the new EP coming out in July, surely that means tours, festivals and more coming up for Wormed. What can you tell us about the band’s plans for the next year or so and of your current bookings what are you most excited about?

Yes, we have plenty of great shows and fests coming this and next year, such as Brutal Assault in Czech Republic, Resurrection Fest in Spain, Deathfeast and Berlin deathfest in Germany and more to come. We hope we can be on the road touring Europe and USA next year too, so yeh, next year is going to be pretty intense!


Wormed are a hard working band that have consistently taken their original brand of math/tech/death metal to new heights with every new release. The new EP is evidence of this theory, it’s a very strong release with great tone just as their entire discography. We thank Miguel, Wormed and Season of mist for the gear chat!! CHECK OUT THE LINKS!!


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