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Distorque Pedals

These pedal plugins have been around for a long time and while they may have been sitting untouched for 5-6 years now, that doesn’t make them any less effective. They have 64-bit versions so that means we are on the case!!

I felt a single review for all of the pedals was adequate but if you want more information, simply download and give them a rip for FREE!!

Distorque product page
KVR Audios Distorque developer page


The Azurite is a truly useful multi-voice chorus. I don’t know if it’s modeled from anything specific or if it was an in-house creation but it’s trustworthy and for an old plugin, it doesn’t show it’s age. I really enjoy the variety of ways this plugin can be used to create some extra shimmer. I also like using it to add some character to distorted tones like Zakk Wylde or really all of the Ozzy guitarists over the years.


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The Face Bender is a blend of two different pedals. The Dunlop Fuzz Face and the Tone Bender MKII. It was the only fuzz pedal plugin I trusted for years. Until some of the better ones from Audiority and Audified came out, this plugin was my go-to for fuzz tones, doom and stoner rock. It has a ton of use left in it for those looking for a free fuzz box!


It’s funny how many plugins exist right under the radar that you may be over looking. Even though I have been using a few of these plugins for years, I actually didn’t know this existed until this review. The Plusdistortion was inspired by the MXR Distortion+ and it doesn’t sound too bad at all. I was able to team it up with the Azurite when I was looking for the Ozzy type tones.


The Rangebastard is a pretty well done version of the Dallas Rangemaster and the only plugin out there based on it. The Rangemaster is a sort of a vintage overdrive, boost type deal that was made famous by Brian May and Jimi Hendrix so it’s weird that no one else has done a version of this effect. It has a very unique sound and even though this plugin is quite old, it still sounds cool. Often used by guitarists using fuzz pedals in the 60s to bring out a little more bite. Use it along with the Face Bender for just such a task.


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This is a nicely done plugin version of the Orange Squeezer Compressor. I have used this plugin a lot out in front of a clean amp for a kick ass country guitar tone. I still reach for it regularly mostly because it’s easy and quick to dial in perfectly.


These plugins are all very much still useful and I would say most of the stuff carries a score around 3 to 3.5 / 5. Download them and give them a shot.


**For those out there that own Bugera amps, it’s worth noting that Distorque also have some mods for real amps. This is however stuff that you need knowledge of amp modding to do as it can be very dangerous to open an amp up and start poking around.**

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