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NEW – Brainworx Ampeg

Coming August 3rd. NEW from the geniuses at Brainworx, designed by Igor Nembrini from Nembrini Audio and fully licensed by Ampeg we have the Ampeg V4-B!! This is a high quality, meticulously detailed and developed bass amp sim that can be used for pretty much any genre or style.

You won’t need a Universal Audio interface for this one because it’s coming out as a native plugin and available for use with almost any interface or DAW. This is incredible news for those that have been waiting for more native plugins from Brainworx as well as bass players worldwide that want that sweet punch of an Ampeg for their home studio or travel recording set up without needing the UA interface.

As mentioned, the plugin comes out on August 3rd but in the meantime, you can trial and test out the plugin with a two week trial license absolutely FREE. Spend a couple weeks creating everything from smooth to gritty bass tones at a level of quality that Brainworx has worked hard to be known for.

We will have plenty of coverage on this amp eventually but we don’t comment on or review trial versions of plugins, the content on the V4-B will likely be posted some time in mid August.