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Valhallir has been releasing quality products from day one. They have an incredible team of individuals working together to create very high quality impulse responses for guitar and now they have also started into the bass department.

Every impulse response developer brings something different to the market. It seems every company has their own signature process, file & folder set up and marketing and Valhallir definitely has theirs. They use a few very nice mics you don’t see in impulse packsw too often and in addition to the brands/cabs everyone knows and loves, Valhallir also build their own top notch in-house cabs.

The company recently launched their V2 line of impulses which feature more mics, quick-start type folders, ambient (mid-far field) mics and more additions to their already stellar formula. By the sound of things to come, this new V2 line is really going to be something special!

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Their mic and speaker selections are top notch, the brand selection is full of variety covering all sorts of vintage and modern cabs from a number of companies. Every cabinet Valhallir put their touch on end up sounding truly top notch and I look forward to everything they put out in the future.

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My personal favorite!!

We have been asked about the connection between Valhallir and Cabir, from my understanding the guys used to work together and opted to work apart. Their product lines do not overlap in any way.

Valhallir’s prices are very reasonable and for those that would like a look into their product line without commitment to buying, they offer a great FREE teaser pack that showcases some of the their favorite files in-house.

Check out everything they have to offer and be sure to keep an eye on everything they release in the near future!!


  • Wolverine 212
  • V2 1960 EMTV
  • KRNK 412
  • V2 MHB-412
  • FRY 412-S
  • MB-OS 412 “whooper”
  • W-ORG 412
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