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NEW: Neural DSP Parallax

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From Neural DSP comes the PARALLAX! These guys have been putting out deadly plugins from day one with nothing but perfect scores from us and high praise all around. You have to respect the kind of hard work needed to make that kind of an impression in such a short time. This time around they deliver a bass tool that will solve your parallel bass issues and enhance your tone.

The Parallax is a very different plugin but after learning how things are laid out and what does what, the sky is the limit. The customization options are endless and enable the user to create really any bass tone imaginable. For some, there may be a small learning curve to fully take advantage of the features in Parallax. However, not to worry, Neural DSP have included both in-house presets and more made by several known producers and players. The presets are truly awesome and I don’t always say that so try them all and pay attention to how the settings change with each one.

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We will have a review as well as a ton of coverage on this and many other bass amp sims including Neural’s Darkglass Ultra during BASS MONTH in July. We will be bringing you a long comprehensive Meet & Greet on both of the Neural DSP bass plugins, subscribe to our YouTube to see those this month.