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A reader (Steven B) brought these to my attention and being that we like to have thorough knowledge of the market, they had to be looked into. At first, I went to the page and it all looked dated and there’s a whole lot of Cyrillic on the pages. It was like one of those random freeware developers that put a few products on KVR and then vanished 7-8 years ago but it wasn’t. The posts were brand new and everything was posted recently.

Nalex Gerbert (Dzl Herbert)

There’s a number of amp sims, preamps and other plugins on the blog page including some weird games and other non-music related plugins. There’s also a poweramp type plugin to run with the amps because I assume the amps are just preamps. You could also use the Ignite Amps TPA-1 or perhaps impulse responses with 6L6, EL34 etc baked into the cabinet file.

Of the three amp sims I put time into, I enjoyed all of them. There’s a Diezel Herbert sim (Gerbert), a Mesa Boogie Rectifier sim (Rectifier) and a cool amp called the Valver. They all sound pretty damn good with a power amp sim and some good impulse responses. The Valver is a “don’t judge a book by its cover” type plugin, it really sounds solid. The Gerbert also sounds very good and seems like the developer’s newest and best work.

Nalex Crunchman (Friedman)

Head over and grab these amps for FREE but if you enjoy them, please do donate to the developer or at very least email the developer and tell him how much you enjoy his work. There’s a number of other plugins on the page that I have not explored at this time but feel free to let us know your thoughts.

NOTE: The download pages are all in Russian but the download symbol is easy to see. Simply click on them and save!!

The list of freeware amps on the site include:

Click here for the Nalex site with free downloads!!

Demo of the Nalex Crunchman
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