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Interview – Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltkya

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Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka is a Polish guitarist known best for his long standing work with his band; Decapitated as their guitarist and primary songwriter.

#1 – Years back, you opted to continue on without a 2nd guitarist for live sessions, with so many different rhythm and lead parts on the albums, is it a challenge for you to recreate things on stage?

Hi! Back in the days we have been trying to play with second guitar player and we did a few tours like that. It was cool but we didn’t sound like Decapitated anymore. Looks like Decap sound is only one guitar player. Talking about recreate all guitar parts we have on albums I decided to use back in tracks from sampler.

To be honest I think it works very cool and I don’t have any problems with use a little playback live.  It is still me playing those lines and I think it works well with whole band. And even we will have a second guitar player that still it will not enough with some parts that you can hear 3 guitar lines in the same time so anyway its out of my possibilities to find two guitar players😊

#2 – Assuming, writing / rehearsals have begun for the new album, has live session drummer James Stewart been part of the process?  

I have started writing new riffs and I am very satisfied so far. Regarding  who will record drums for it,  I still don’t know. I don’t want to make fast decisions this time when it comes to new drummer, so I keep working on riffs and then I will choose the best possible drummer to record new album.

#3 – Everyone faces adversity differently, is it easier or more difficult for you to write during tough times?   

I would not say easier,  because writing new music is never easy, no matter if good or bad times. I would say it’s different again. I feel more experienced as a guitar player now and with all things we have been into for last few years I have so much to put into music. I think the new Decap album will be like a debut album in some way. Every Decapitated album is always different from the previous one, but for sure the next one will be really important, it will be new chapter for the band from my perspective. So many things and emotions happened during years since I started my band that I know it will bring something huge, I’m sure.

#4 – What gear was used to record the “Anticult” album and how will your rig differ going into the studio for the next album?

For ‘Anticult’ album I used 2x EVH 5150 50W with Mesa and EVH cabs 2×12. Some self-made overdrive, Ibanez iceman custom shop with Dimarzio Evolution pick up. That’s all.

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#5 – You have been using the incredibly versatile EVH 5150 III 50w for some time in your live rig, what else is all involved in recreating Decapitated albums in a live setting?

Yes, I have been using 2x EVH 50w for live shows for many years. Now I decided to use kemper profiler where I have my own profiled rig. It’s easy to use and I have same sound all the time, especially when we need to flight for festivals. I use EVH cabinet with two mics as well to have some punch from cabinet. I don’t use too many effects so my main sound is EVH 50w with Mesa and EVH cab. That’s really all I use.

#6 – You have used many different amps over the years and you even switched from active to passive pickups but your tone has always carried your signature sound. Obviously a big part is in your playing but how do you approach tweaking and dialing in your tone gear wise?

Looks like I still like to search for some different possibilities. It’s not easy, but worth to finally find best way to create your own sound. Changing from active to passive pickups wasn’t easy, it took me pretty long time but now I’m really satisfied. Also changing to Kemper was weird but now, as I said before, it gives me more comfort for festivals. I think it’s all about to deal with new gear for some time as soon as you get used to it. Sometimes it’s good to change gear to make sure that you want to comeback to your previous gear.

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#7 – With so many guitarists, including yourself switching to Axefx / Kemper based setups out of convenience for tours/festivals, do you ever consider going all digital all the time.

Will see. So far I use kemper direct plus two mics on cab. In studio I use tube amp always. I discovered the Two Notes torpedo live and I think it’s great combination with evh tube amp so maybe I will back to tube amp live with this device.

#8 – If someone stopped you on the street and asked you to name your three personal favorite metal tones ever recorded, what albums would get the nod?  

Pantera – “Cowboys from hell”

Machine Head – “Burn my eyes”

Slipknot – “Iowa”

#9 – What’s happening for Decapitated for the rest of 2019? What are you most looking forward to?

At the moment we have festival season which looks really great this year. After that,  I would like to make a break and focus more on new album. I had always that feeling that I have a lack of time when it comes with pre-production and this time I want to work on that more. So for the rest of 2019 I plan to finally sit and work on new riffs. What else, new record deal, new special plans for 2020 which I am excited to work on. 2020 will be a busy year for me for sure and for a band as well.

I have no words for my excitement right now. I try my best not to do the “fanboy” thing but Vogg has been one of my top three favorite players since I first heard “Winds of creation” in 2000. Since then, every single song and album have had an impact on me as a musician so this interview was a lot of fun to do. Vogg’s playing is beyond understanding to me. His ultra-tight rhythm work, mind-blowing shredding leads, precise use of effects and of course his songwriting are something to behold for any guitarist. Check out the links below and if you are in Europe, keep your eyes peeled to the tour schedule below for this summers band agenda!


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