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NEW! Valhallir V2 line

Valhallir has been putting together some of the best impulse packs in the industry for some time now. Their selection is amazing and the quality across the entire selection is about as high as it gets. I was ready for some new packs from these guys and they came through in a huge way!

The brand new V2 line of impulse packs features more than just five new products. Before I get to the new cabs included, it should be noted that all of the new V2 products have added mics, more files, ambient/room mics, higher sample rates, quick-start type folders and many other upgrades to their already very successful format.

Another new feature to the new cab packs is BASS IMPULSES!! Valhallir had never released a bass cabinet in the past so when I saw the inclusion of two brand new bass packs, it made me pretty happy because I have always wanted to hear what Valhallir could do with bass cabs. The two new bass packs will be on display in a big way during July’s BASS MONTH feature.

I have had the chance to go through the guitar offerings from the new line and I have to say they sound absolutely awesome. The blending that can be done with the close and ambient files can create HUGE tones with little effort and almost ANY amp sim. The half-back instantly became a huge favorite.

Let me introduce the new stars of the Valhallir guitar impulse response collection!!


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