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NEW! Seacow Cabs Friedman 412/15

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Months back I was talking to Brian from Seacow Cabs and he was showing me some pictures of the studio he works out of. In one of the pictures, behind a bunch of cabinets and gear, I saw a Friedman Butterslax Cabinet. Immediately I BEGGED Brian to do this cabinet, we discussed it and the idea was born!

Fast forward to today and the idea is now a reality after Brian at Seacow Cabs spend a ton of time doing a lot of hard work, research, trial and error. The final product is one of the best sounding cab packs I have ever heard paid or free and in my opinion the best in the Seacow Cabs product line. OH… and it’s FREE!!!

The Friedman Butterslax head and cabinet were designed for Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher. It’s a very unique cabinet because it has two Celestion G12H30 Speakers plus 2 x 15″ Celestion Fullback speakers opposed to the standard 412 format. This gives the user more low end and fatness to work with. This layout made it an ideal cab to capture partially because it had not been done but mostly for the chance to blend the 12s and 15s in mic mixes.

I have put hours into testing the various files of this cabinet and I can say that it has instantly become one of my Top-5 go-to impulse packs for a variety of applications. I strongly suggest everyone head over to to grab it today for FREE!

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