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Introducing BASS MONTH!


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You know how some folks like to make fun of bass players as part of their ultra-miserable personality? Well not us!! We here at HASR fully respect that every great guitar tone is supported by a great bass tone in a mix.

Amp sims are also for bass players and we want to give the low octave crew something to get into but this feature month will also be for the guitarists, one-man-band types and really anyone that records at home.

We are as excited about providing bass tone chasing tips as we are with guitar. EVERY guitarist should know how to dial in bass tones to suit your guitar tones and I also believe that every guitarist should have a bass at home. Even having a lower-end bass at home leaves you only a drum sampler away from your own recordings so having a 4 or 5 string around never hurts.

A good bass amp sim should be part of every plugin collection and in July, I will go in depth with every piece of bass software that I have, some I don’t and also some brand new products. Expect “meet & greet” sessions, playthroughs and a lot more.

We also have interviews with some incredible bass players from a variety of genres and styles that we are very excited to share with all of you.

It all starts JULY 1st!!!! Please, tell your favorite bass playing friend to come and check it out!!!

HEY GUITARISTS!!! Don’t worry, we will also have a prize pack for guitarists in July from NEMBRINI AUDIO!! Stay tuned!

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