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Reader / F.A.Q #2

#1 – What are the details on the new plugin from ___________? – F.A.Q

We get a lot of questions from people asking for details on upcoming plugins and other products. We cannot answer ANY questions on unreleased or unannounced plugins. Our BETA team operates under a very strict in-house non-disclosure agreement so we cannot and will not give out details that have not been announced officially by the developer. Please do not email us asking for such details as the emails will be deleted without response. We hope you all understand the need for confidentiality in this industry.

#2 – Country & Blues month didn’t have any blues. Will you be adding any to your page? – Julia F

Regrettably, I planned far too much for Country & Blues month. My intention was to immerse myself in blues playing for a week to regain some of my old blues chops but the time never freed up for it so I put it on the back burner. When time frees up, I will absolutely be tackling some traditional blues as well as blues rock. I enjoy many styles but it’s kind of impossible to stay on top of every style I enjoy playing so I pick things up and put them down from time to time. For blues it’s been about 15 years since I put it down.

#3 – Thank you for what you do, how can I donate to your giveaways? – Kevin P

We are in the process of setting up a Paypal donation button but for now, you can simply send your donations with PayPal to: Your donation will go to future prizes for giveaways. Thanks for your support sincerely!

#4 – I read all of your website interviews. Why does some not have any stuff with amp sims?

I interview guitarists and bass players about gear but in cases when there is no experience with plugins, I simply won’t mention them. In our early interviews, I created awkward moments by asking a lot about plugins when the player had no interest so I had to rethink my interview process. I made it more about the player and the gear that player loves because every conversation about hardware can be related to plugins. By reading about the guitarist’s or bass player’s gear, you’ll know which amp sims, impulses and more you can reach for in the digital universe. I plan on adding suggested plugins to the bottom of interviews in time.

#5 – Do you own any real amps at home? – Yves M

At this time, my studio space is insanely small and about three years ago I went all-digital due to the constraints of my space. However, HASR HQ is moving and expanding in a big way. Spring 2020 will bring a move for my family to a much larger space and in this new living situation there is a room just waiting to be turned into a studio. At that time, I will be buying a two-notes impulse loader, an EVH 5150 III 50-watt and a few other small toys. I will also be making a couple of iso-cab boxes for fun. More news next year.

I have owned, rented, borrowed or recorded with just about everything over the years but one of those rooms full of utility shelves with amps on every level just isn’t affordable or practical for my needs. They look cool but I just have no need for that many amps being that I no longer play in a live setting. Amp sims are all I really require 🙂

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