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NEW: Heavy Mezcal from AA

Audio Assault has just released the second Boss HM2 inspired plugin this month!! THE HEAVY MEZCAL can be had RIGHT NOW for an awesome introductory price of $6.66USD.

Image result for Heavy mezcal audio assault

They have put their own spin on the Swedish Buzzsaw and after cutting down trees with it for a little while today, I can say it does as advertised. Just make sure you have a noise gate ready to hold back the wall of feedback produced by the majority of HM2 plugins and their notorious hardware counterparts. I will have a review up soon.

These guys make great sounding plugins that won’t break the bank and they are consistently improving the quality of their products. Their most recent release prior to the Heavy Mezcal was the Randall Satan inspired Hellbeast amp sim. If you don’t have The Hellbeast, give it a look!


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