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Interview – Daniel Freyberg

Daniel Freyberg is the 2nd guitarist in Finland’s Children Of Bodom.

#1 – I have to admit, when you joined Children of Bodom, to me, it just made perfect sense given your previous work in Norther and Nother’s similarities with COB. Did it take long to settle in?

Me and the band clicked very well since the day one so on chemistry level I got settled very quickly. On musical level it was a little bit more challenging and I had to work extra hard to get there.

#2 – How did you come to be in the band? What was that process like?

Well, Alexi and I have known each other for a while now and I was joining them recording gang shouts on the “I Worship Chaos” album when he first told me that they gonna need a new guitar player at some point.  So I was like “guys, if you need help I’m here.” And something like 6 months from that conversation Alexi texted me and asked if I would like to try.  And since they were on tour at the time he wanted me to shoot video for them playing some COB songs, which I did, and that was it. 

#3 – The new Children of Bodom album “Hexed” (Nuclear Blast) sounds truly awesome and the material seems like a slight return to the more traditional Children of Bodom. Can you tell us about the gear used by both yourself and Alexi on the album?

ESP guitars loaded with EMG H2 to Marshall Jvm 410 top thru standard Marshall 4×12. We tried a few different options but ended up choosing the same setup COB is been using a quite a while now. 

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#4 – Being your first album in the studio with the band, how did the writing and recording process work compared to your previous bands?

It was actually like going back in time in a way, cause we arranged all songs at our rehearsal space. So there were no demos beforehand to smooth the learning process. It was a pure old school method with a quite hectic schedule. But since we practiced a lot, recording was actually quite easy, so all the hard work paid off.

#5 – Have you ever played around with any amp sim software or has it mostly been just the AxeFx?

Nowadays it’s Kemper that I’m using. I have checked software sims once in a while but I have not found anything mindblowing yet. The ones I’ve tested, still fall behind the Kemper so for me it makes no sense to use them. That being said there is some new soft sims that people are raving about, which I haven’t still tried so who knows after all 🙂

#6 – How far do you feel digital gear like the AxeFx, Kemper and other products have come over your lifetime? 

I have owned a pile of them and the amp sim technology has come a long way!  I think my first one was some Zoom from early ’90s, then came Boss & Rocktrons, later on Line 6 but I’d say Fractal and Kemper are the first ones you can start taking seriously.  The gap to real amps still exists but it’s getting thinner and thinner. Nevertheless, I’m a fan of technology and maybe some day I’ll see a digital amp which will make traditional amps totally unnecessary.

#7 – Prior to the Axefx & Kemper what was your main set up like? 

Most of the time it was Marshall top or Engl preamp &VHT Poweramp+TC G-force through Marshall cabinet depending which part of the world we were touring.  But there was a problem especially on one-off shows or shorter tours where we use rented backline, that you couldn’t know know how your amp is gonna sound before getting on stage,  so that’s why I started to looking something I could carry with me where ever we would go, to have a consistent sound. I picked up Fractal but switched to Kemper in last year.

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Freyberg & Laiho mid-shred!!

#8 – Finnish metal definitely has it’s own sound and history, who were some of the Finnish bands that influenced your career?

As far as I remember Sentenced was the first finnish metal band that caught my attention, and pretty soon I picked up Amorphis, and little bit later COB & Nightwish. Obviously after that many good bands has come and gone but those four have probably made the biggest impact on me musically. 

#9 – Everyone has owned at least one terrible amp in their lives, can you tell us about the worst amp you ever owned, even as a young player?

I definitely had a few of those during the years but my first amp holds a special place for this. It was Roland Spirit or something from the ’80s. I was really happy when I got to trade it for Marshall, haha.

#10 – With the new album freshly out, 2019 is going to be a really busy year for COB. What plans are in place for the long road ahead?

We already toured across North America after the release of Hexed and summer is gonna spent in festivals. In Fall there is Russian and full European tour coming and next year we try to do rest of the world. So it seems it’s going to be busy times ahead for sure.

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Daniel’s razor sharp consistency with the guitar is something every player should strive for and you can hear his experience in both his playing and tone. We thank him sincerely for his time and we hope to talk to him again in the future!! Check out Children of Bodom’s website, social media and follow them on Spotify. Their new album “Hexed” is out NOW!!


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