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NEW: MRH810 from Nembrini Audio

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NEW from Nembrini Audio we have the MRH810 Lead Series amp sim!!

The MRH810 is a high quality and detailed plugin modeled from the classic Marshall JCM800 2210. A high quality amp being modeled by a high quality developer. I can’t say no to a Marshall amp sim apart from the ones locked in Universal Audio hell. You get two channels, reverb, a cabinet section/impulse loader, gate and more in a compact package.

You wouldn’t be wrong to ask “why.. why God WHY another JCM 800 sim??!” and I have an answer to that question. With the way amp sim technology progresses often, there’s always room for new and higher quality versions of the classics. The JCM800 is in fact such a classic amp and this is in fact a high quality British inspired amp sim.

You might be thinking “Where did this Nembrini company come from” but if you are familiar with Brainworx, you know the top quality work of Igor Nembrini. He designed and developed most of the Brainworx amp sim and pedal collection and he carries the same quality into his own company.

Like many, I was blown away by the Nembrini BST100 amp sim so I was excited to see what else was coming. We had the pleasure of being part of the beta testing for the MRH810 and from the first notes, I was sold. The realism, detail, response and warmth are all on a level of their own. This is a plugin I haven’t stopped ripping on since I got it.

Review coming shortly in addition to an album of clips for our Soundcloud, a walkthrough and more. There is a demo album for the Audiority Heavy Pedal HM2 with the MRH810 but it’s not an accurate representation of the amp given the HM2 driven tone.

For now, I will say that this plugin has an intro pricing of $29USD for a short time so head over and get it ASAP. It’s so incredibly worth it!