Northern Artillery Drums!

Occasionally I am going to do a spot called “Honest Drum Sampler Reviews” because while the focus of this page is not drum software, many of us use it at home as part of home recording.

There is a ton of great sounding drum software out there ranging from FREE to expensive. Ugritone / IMGL have always provided good quality stuff at great prices as part of their support for the home producer on a budget. You don’t need big cash to get big sounding mixes.

The newest product or I suppose the first product officially released under the new name is Northern Artillery Drums. This drum sampler is a collaboration between Ugritone and Stratovarius lead guitarist and producer Matias Kupiainen. It was all recorded at 5 by 5 studio in Helsinki.

Ugritone will release Northern Artillery Drums on June 6th and the MSRP will be $79USD. While the price is already very low, Ugritone and HASR go way back and they want to offer our supporters 15% off.

Now that I have figured out the screencasting issues, I am going to do a video for Northern Artillery Drums this weekend. This video will also feature amps from the upcoming amp sim suite from Ugritone as well as MIDI and more from Ron & Toni.

Also watch out for a Quick-Guide to drum samplers coming this summer!!


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