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Interview – Night Crowned

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Henric Liljesand and Johan Eskilsson are the two guitarists in Sweden’s Night Crowned.

#1 – The guitar tone on the EP is unbelievable; there’s a very Abyss studios / Peter Tagtgren type feel to it. Was this on purpose or something that just sort of happened?

Henric – I Can’t deny the impact most Abyss albums had on me, but it wasn’t a goal for us to sound like that. I recorded all guitars in my studio and then we gave Jonathan free hands to make it sound right.

#2 – Can you take us through the gear used for those tones in detail?

Henric – it is a fairly simple chain, A Charvel with EMG 81/85 straight into a EVH 5150 LBX head. I used the EVH Cabinet with a SM57 a little of center. Then Jonathan added his part of the sound.

#3 – What about your live rig? What’s all involved with supplying your tone for the stage?

Johan – Caparison Horus Baritone guitar with EMG pick ups, straight into a Axe FX ll. Henric uses the same but A Solar guitar. The Axe FX sounds we use are based on an Engl Savage.

#4 – Henric, you recent switched from bass, where you have the most experience career wise to guitar in Night Crowned, what motivated you to make the jump?

Henric – well, it wasn’t my intention to play guitar in Night Crowned. We had Marcus with us, but as he dropped out we had one week to get ready for our first live shows, so I dropped the bass and took the guitar. Then after the gigs we just thought it worked out well, so I never switched back to bass. It was fairly simple to do so as I wrote the songs on the EP.

#5 – Your short but sweet EP created a ton of buzz and a lot of fans that want more Night Crowned, what details can you share on your next offering?

Henric – We have worked on our first album for the past year and we are now done with it. Artwork and all is done, so now we are negotiating with some labels about the release. So hopefully we will release it end of this year.

#6 – Who are some of the bands and artists that influenced the creation of and writing for Night Crowned?

Henric – I am stuck in the 90’s, so releases around 95-00 by bands as Dissection, Death, The Crown, Seance, Satyricon, Cradle of Filth, Opeth, Dimmu Borgir to name a few.

#7 – While you guys are a newer band, you all have a ton of experience with a variety of bands, how does that experience help the fine-tuning of Night Crowned?

Henric – music wise we know what we wanted from the start, we never really thought on what we wanted to do, this is just what we have to do. Also, it helps a lot as we all have all the gear we need already from the start.

#8 – Do you have any experience with amp sim software or digital gear? If so, which products have you enjoyed the most?

Henric – The Axe FX ll as we already spoke about, but on the new album we used Kemper. We used sounds based on a Dual Rectifier. Both these are sounding just great in my ears.

#9 – On the spot, no time to think, name three of your favorite recorded guitar tones of all time.. annnnd GO!

Johan – Meshuggah – “Colossus”, Carcass – “Heartwork”, At the Gates – “Slaughter of the Soul”.

#10 – 2019 has been and continues to be a monstrous year for metal and aggressive genres with 2020 also looking string already, what of Night Crowned’s plans can you share?

Henric – Agree! Some really cool albums already released, and 2018 was a great year as well. We hope that our new album will be out already this year. If not, it will be early 2020. Followed by a music video, a listening party, and some gigs after the release.

The members of Night Crowned have used their past experience, skill and dedication to create a mix of brutality and cold melodies. Their short but killer demo/EP has been playing around my house a lot since I came across this band and I cannot wait to hear what they have coming in the future. Check these guys out ASAP at the links below!



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