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Thanks to our sponsors

Folks, one thing we have had from the very beginning is support from almost every developer in the game. In fact, we had a number of developers offer support before we even got started because they liked our idea.

Developers have given us fantastic prizes to give to our winners over a number of giveaways from our launch to Country & Blues month and of course, HEAVY MONTH!!


NEURAL DSP: Their newest product is the fantastic Archetype: Plini; a three amp suite that can literally do almost anything. From searing hi-gain, warm but aggressive crunch tones, crystal clear cleans and really just about anything else, it’s in this plugin. Complete with pre/post sections, an EQ, killer cabinet section and many other features make this a truly complete suite. Check it out HERE

STL TONES: We spent a ton of time with the new Tonality: Will Putney and it truly is a flawless product with an almost infinite amount of mid to hi-gain tones. You get four guitar amps and a bass amp each with a matched cabinet. The new tonality allows you to split the signal to blend amps and cabs. It’s capable of everything from punk rock tones to the heaviest brutal death metal tones possible. So many features make this plugin a must have for players that love their gain, see those features HERE.

AUDIORITY: The brand spanking new plugin from Audiority is the HEAVY PEDAL! It’s a meticulously detailed plugin version of the legendary, infamous and notorious Boss HM2. You may know it as the Swedish Buzzsaw and the sound behind bands like Bloodbath, LIK, Dismember, Baest and many others. Audiority has a number of very high quality pedal plugins that can be grabbed as a bundle. Check it all out HERE.

AUDIO ASSAULT: These guys just get better and better as they go and their newest offering is proof. The Hellbeast is a plugin based on the Ola Englund signature Randall Satan amp. The amp comes in a suite with a great sounding tube screamer, an impulse loader/cab section and a post effects section. It sound great and it’s extremely affordable! Audio Assault carries a number of very cool amp sims, check them all out HERE.

MERCURIALL AUDIO: Mercuriall Audio has a brand new FREE plugin out and available now on their website. It’s a nice representation of the Boss Metalzone. The metalzone is a lot more versatile than one would think and despite many having a heyday bashing the pedal, it’s actually quite useful. If used right and dialed in, it can provide a really nice edge to high gain tones as a boost or use it with the gain cranked on a clean tone channel for old school death metal tones. Get it HERE and if you don’t have the rest of Mercuriall Audio’s freeware, make sure to grab it all!

KUASSA: Kuassa has been on a tear as of late. Last year they gave us Amplifikation Caliburn for an abundance of Marshall tones and this year they have upped their game once more with Amplifikation Matchlock. This is a killer amp for a variety of vintage and modern cleans as well as driven cleans and slightly dirty tones. The quality has been elevated significantly over the last year and a half. We are very excited for their new full amp suite as well. Check out all of Kuassa’s offerings HERE.

UGRITONE: Formerly known as It Might Get Loud have one hell of a drum sampler coming in June and a very cool amp sim coming not too long after that. The drum sampler is very relevant to amp sim users because many of us use drum samplers at home. Ugritone/IMGL has always provided cost effective drum samplers with quality and the new one; Northern Artillery Drums will be the best one yet. It’s collaboration between Ugritone and Stratovarius guitarist/producer Matias Kupiainen and it’s going to turn some heads. Check out Ugritone HERE

DR.BONKERS SOUND LAB: The LEGY412 and PVH515 packs are the newest products from Dr.Bonkers and I have to say, both impulse packs are awesome. The hypereal mixes are some of the best sounding impulses in the entire industry and I would suggest checking out the entire Dr.B product line. Guitar, bass and cabs that work for both from a variety of big names. With Dr.Bonkers, you really get something unqiue. Head over to the website now by hitting HERE

Once again, thank you so much to all of these companies for providing us with awesome prizes to give back to all of our readers for their support.

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