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Interview – Phil Jolicoeur

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Phil Jolicoeur has been the lead guitarist in Reset since their first album and has continued to carry on the band’s legacy after his bandmates moved on to form Simple Plan.

#1 – I remember hearing a story that “No worries” was recorded in the same studio as Celine Dion or something along those lines, is there any truth to that?

Yes, that is correct.  RESET recorded our first full length album No Worries at the prestigious Le Studio Morin-Heights back in 1997.  At the time it used to be the best studio in Canada and maybe in North America.  We recorded No Worries in the ‘B’ studio while Moist was recording in the ‘A’ studio.  I met with David Usher there.  He actually heard me sing opera and starting laughing at me in a friendly way. Many important artists recorded there like Céline Dion, David Bowe or the Police just to name a few.  Le Studio Morin-Heights is now closed because it went down under suspicious criminal flames.

#2 – What was in the original guitar rig you used to record and tour in the “No worries” era of the band?

I used a Digitech GSP 2101 to record No Worries with a guitar preset named metal. Different other presets with used for my guitar solos.

#3 – Fast forward to today, what gear are you using live and in the studio?

In the year 2000, I switched from Digitech to Mesaboogie because digital sounds are almost always thinner in terms of range frequencies than tubes. My Digitech also started doing free games during live shows, changing presets inadvertently.

Since the year 2000 I use the one and only Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. This is an older model of the Rectifier and sounds thicker than the newer Rectifiers because of different tube settings that I use and other modified parts in the amplifier. These amps were also built differently.

For guitar cabinet I also use Mesa Boogie (4 speakers by 10 inches) with custom slanted diamond plates ordered directly from California.  I’ve never seen anyone with that same cabinet my entire career.

#4 – What guitarists have influenced your playing over the years?

  • My influences in order of importance:
  • Mille Petrozza (Kreator) – I still listen to Kreator almost everyday.  It’s my feel good music. The last 5 Kreator albums are always playing in my German car.
  • Dave Mustaine & Marty Friedman (Megadeth)
  • Chuck Schuldiner (Death)
  • Scott Ian & Dan Spitz (Anthrax)
  • Fletcher Dragge (Pennywise)
  • Dino Cazares (Fear Factory)
  • Kily & Ramos (Strungout)
  • Noodles (The Offspring)

#5 – You have used digital gear in your career, have you ever had the chance to get into any amp sim software? If so, which products have you tried and which have you enjoyed most?

I’ve tried many amplifiers in my career.  Digital, tubes and also distortion pedals. Soldano amps are interesting because of the extra bass.  I’ve briefly used the Peavey 5150.  Eddy Van Halen collaborated in the elaboration of this amp. I’ve also tried Marshall amplifiers but these are more suitable for rock bands like AC-DC or Iron Maiden.

Although Mesa boogie amplifier combined with a Marshall cabinet sounds good to me. A Mesa amp (Dual Rectifier modified) combined with a Mesa cabinet is by far my favorite guitar sound. The distortion is clearer and much more refined especially in the higher frequencies. Recently I’ve been tempted to try the new wave of amplifiers like FX or Kemper. It seems to be the next big thing in the music industry.

For a good guitar sound, you also have to consider the quality of the guitar and the pickups of course.  Jackson Soloist USA with an humbucker Seymore Duncan Invader pick up is my secret.

#6 – Shredding solos have always been a big part of who you are as a player, have you ever used those killer chops in a metal band in your career?

Yes. In 2002 I formed a Death Metal band named D.N.A where I was singer and lead guitar. We released only one album Anastasia.  A second album is still waiting, sitting in my computer to be finished.  Drums need to be recorded.  Alissa White now singing in Arch Enemy was part of D.N.A but she only recorded one song.  I honestly hope to release this second D.N.A album one day.  Money is always the issue.

#7 – 20+ years after the release of the first album and you still bring a youthful energy to the stage every time you play. Do you feel like punk rock keeps you feeling young?

I spend more energy on stage today than 24 years ago when I first started performing with RESET. I’m a better musician today, a better guitarist with much more experience and also a better singer. During live shows, I literally jump on stage around forty to fifty times in an hour.  Punk rock music keeps me young but I’m also a full time martial arts teacher and a kinesiologist which keeps me very active. It’s in my personality and my way of live to be very active physically.  I need to stay active practicing sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, ice hockey, tennis or simply training lifting weights in a gym to keep in shape.  All the positive physical and psychological benefits have long been proven scientifically.

#8 – The original Reset line-up has reunited for shows at the massive Montebello Rock Fest and other occasions. How do these reunions go over with the current Reset members and how does it feel onstage with the original line-up after so many years?

Yes, it does create tension with some members of the band and I do understand them. All the actual members would like to play those RESET reunion shows in front of thousands of fans. Unfortunately, some of my actual members weren’t even born when RESET first started and some have too big of an ego to understand the exposure and future benefits following those rare reunion shows. Once every eight years approximately.  There was only three RESET original member reunion so far. My actual drummer Gopal Denavathan has enough experience and wisdom to understand the situation and calculate the benefits for the band’s visibility, publicity and exposure in order for us to book more shows afterwards.

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Reset Reunion

#9 – Skate punk might seem dead to some but with veterans like Reset, Propagandhi, Strung Out, Lagwagon and others still kicking ass along with newer era bands like Mute, Cigar and many others holding down the modern side of things, do you feel skate punk is regaining some of it’s strength?

I believe all the big names in punk music like NOFX and Pennywise or even bigger names in metal like Metallica or Megadeth will always be recognized one way or another. Unfortunately, today, our next generation is mostly listening to hip hop. Recently I was reading an article saying there is no future into being a punk or metal musician anymore. The future does’nt look very good for actual new punk or metal bands but I’m too much of a positive person to think rock and roll is dead.  Our music will never disappear. Never! Maybe it faded in the hearts of the new generation of music listeners but music trends are like actual waves. The wave will come back but maybe not as strong as it used to be when I first started in the nineties

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Reset Line-up 2019

#10 – It’s been some time since Reset’s last album “The Anitdote” was released, could there be a new album coming soon?

RESET has a new album I wish to name POLARIS.  Unfortunately, this is another album that has been waiting, sitting in my computer since the last three years. Again money is the issue but I’m very positive this new amazing album will see the light at some point in the near future. RESET simply needs 5K to finish the production. All the guitars, bass and vocals are recorded.  We need to finish drum production, mix and master this work of art.  This new album is well written, recorded, produced and performed.  It sounds very much like our last album The Antidote.  If you know any serious record label, feel free to send them my contact.

Upcoming live shows: June 7 – Red Bridge Festival- with Face To Face and Ten Foot Pole near Quebec city, June 14-15 – Montebello Rock, August 24 – Festi Rock 2019 – St Colomban, More shows to be announced.

Phil’s metallic rooted playing was a huge part of what drew me to Reset in the middle 90s. I saw them 10 times in that era and they never once failed to deliver. I saw the Phil-fronted Reset years later and while it is a different vibe, Reset still delivers high quality, metal-influence punk rock! Be sure to check out what they are up to these days on their social media and more!


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