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Preset Vault Update!

Hello everyone! Have you been our preset vault yet? If not, please do smash the Preset Vault tab in the menu to head over to check it out!

Rick from Omega Station has joined forces with Honest Amp Sim Reviews to offer the Preset Vault! This is an easy way to get your hands on literally almost 500 presets for an ever growing list of plugins made by Rick and soon, also the other staff members here at HASR. From FREE plugins like the very popular Emissary 2.0 to brand spanking new plugins like the giant and powerful Will Putney Tonality from STL Tones. We also have a ton of presets for Superior drummer available.

These aren’t quick skim presets, Rick has spent hundreds of hours fine tuning both the presets and the file storage system to ensure everyone out there has access to even more tools to help with the creation of great tones and great mixes alike.

Currently we have nearly 500 presets and we are just getting started, I hope to have the vault over 1000 presets fairly quickly once the rest of us get to adding our presets so please do come by and check for new stuff each week!

Preset Vault

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