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I spent the weekend trying out a few new video formats and I have decided to change things up a bit. I haven’t been shy about my feelings on the standard video format and to be honest, I feel super lame sitting in front of my computer playing but not really playing. The “sit and play” style of videos just aren’t for me and since this is a hobby, it should be fun right?

In my trial runs I tested a number of formats but the one I liked most was the screencast method. I was able to talk, share tips and I found myself having a complete blast doing it. I was able to put 10 mins into a full and detailed walkthrough. These are going to be much more common going forward on our YouTube and then you’ll be able to go to our SoundCloud to listen to demo tracks in WAV format with much higher quality.

The playthrough style videos will still be around but If I am going to pretend to play the song, I might as well shoot somewhere more interesting right? If you have any suggestions on setting styles or themes, email us or contact us on our Facebook. Plus, this way I actually have to leave my house on the weekend instead of letting my day job turn me into a hermit.

I look forward to making the YouTube more informative and entertaining while creating a near endless amount of crisp sound samples on the SoundCloud. It seems like a good mix, I hope you’ll all agree.

Coach T

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