We have a SoundCloud!

I only have time to do a few videos a week but I do have plenty of time that I can record and upload full and raw mixes, guitar-only tracks and other examples featuring the best tones I can pull out of every featured product.

Listening to high quality WAV files on Soundcloud gives you a much better way to scout out the best tones a plugin has to offer. YouTube and Facebook videos degrade quality significantly but with a pro account on SoundCloud, we can offer more ways for you, the consumer to hear what you are spending your hard earned cash on.

I will be uploading content in every style and genre possible will also featuring as many plugins and impulses as I humanly have time for. You don’t need to see my face in HD on YouTube (no one does) but you do need to hear the products you want in high quality.

After all, we are buying products for the sound quality aren’t we? I will try and give you the best quality clips and demos so that you can give yourself more reasons to buy another plugin!


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