Audiority News

Upcoming Release!!

On Friday, May 31st, Audiority will release the HEAVY PEDAL! This is the most accurate HM2 pedal plugin I have ever used by a considerable margin and currently, it’s the ONLY 64-bit option available on today’s market outside of an amp suite.

“He will drain my soul when it is free
Phantoms of the grave kill to survive”
– Bloodbath

The HM2 is a popular pedal for one very specific purpose; The Swedish Buzzsaw tone. If you aren’t familiar with the tone, just listen to Bloodbath, Entombed, Dismember, LIK, Grave, Crematory, Disfear, Entrails and many others. It’s kind of like the blend of a chainsaw and a mosquito on steroids with a ton of cut.

In more recent years, the HM2 has started seeing use in the doom/sludge/stoner sector for obvious reasons. I am actually kind of shocked that it took some time to make an appearance in a world that revolves around huge tones packed full of fuzz/distortion but it seems to have turned some heads.

Audiority has taken an old MIJ Boss HM2 and taken the time to truly have this iconic pedal represented properly in the plugin world. I wasn’t shocked at the level of quality because all of Audiority’s products have a high level of realism and attention to detail.

Expect demos for this pedal this weekend. There will be a YouTube demo, a three song EP, guitar-only tracks added to the Soundcloud and more.