Upcoming months @ HASR

With HEAVY MONTH going strong but counting down, we look toward the near future and we wanted to give everyone a basic look into what’s to come here at Honest Amp Sim Reviews.


June will be a month dedicated to maintenance, organization, development and catching up on a backlog of tasks. Blue Cat Audio have donated their incredible AXE PACK for our monthly contest which will run from June 1st to the end of the month. Three video demos per weekend and many soundcloud clips will be added. Otherwise, it will be a fairly slow month.


July is BASS MONTH!! It won’t be as big as the usual features we have done but bass month will bring a few bass related giveaways, interviews and more. It will be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to bettering myself as a bass player during the month. This won’t just be for bass players but also for the one man band folks like myself to take some new skills, techniques and knowledge into their current and future projects.

I would like to start focusing on demos that showcase a lot more impulse packs in the future because until now, they have seemingly taken a backseat to the amps. I’ll also be doing more pedal demos and finalizing that review section. I’d also like to do some demos with clean tones and loads of effects to showcase some great delays, reverbs and modulation plugins. Basically I want to further expand the reach to even more players so more people will hopefully reach for amp sims.

I am aiming to spend less time on the page during the summer and fall so I can focus on finishing my various unfinished albums as well as working on my other hobbies and bettering my mixing/production skills so there will definitely be a little less going on but with everything in place and finely tuned by then, there shouldn’t be a noticeable change for our supporters.

Thank you all for your support!

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