EP / Full Album Demos

I record a lot at home and I also write in a lot of different styles which comes in handy for demo work. I have a lot of built up material already recorded so I figured why not use the full albums and EPs for gear demos? It also gives me a reason and time to finish them.

I think a situation like this gives the listener and prospective buyer the ability to listen to a certain plugin across an album instead of a 1-2 min demo. Hearing a plugin across a full album also gives the listener the chance to hear how a plugin sounds in a variety of situations inside one genre.

These will all be put on our soundcloud page and some songs will be done in YouTube playthrough form. All will be fully mixed and mastered rather than raw demos. This gives us more ways to showcase the best tones we can get out of every piece of gear we use.

The first will be a three-song Swedish buzzsaw style demo. The project is called Insolent Wretch and the EP is called “Endless Filth”. All three songs feature the NEW HM2 pedal sim from Audiority called THE HEAVY PEDAL! This is a product that we supplied some input on prior to development and it’s truly awesome to see it come to life. Fear the buzzsaw!!

We hope you enjoy these and the many other features we will be debuting in the next few months. Thanks for your support!

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