Thermionik discontinued

The time has come for Kazrog’s now legendary collection known as Thermionik to get an update. Kazrog has pulled the collection of amp sims, pedals and impulses from their website with word of an impending update/upgrade.

There has been talk that Kazrog would be releasing an all new amp suite for a while now, Shane at Kazrog posted about it a couple months ago. By the sound of things, the new plugin will contain most or all of the original Thermionik products and if I was to make an assumption, I would say all of the original components will be improved/updated. In addition to the old gear, there will also likely be a nice selection of new amps, pedals, cabs and more.

I am glad the original Thermionik products will be involved because they are just too awesome to be discarded. I have had a ton of luck with all of the Kazrog products and given Kazrog’s great quality, the new one will very likely be no different.

Until the new release is out the reviews of the old discontinued version are still available at the site.

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