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Long weekend!!

It’s a long weekend here in Canada and with the long weekend always comes a lot of activity here at HASR!

This weekend’s focuses will be on Kuassa’s Amplifikation Caliburn, Audio Assault’s Hellbeast, impulses from Dr.Bonkers Sound Lab and Seacow Cabs as well as a variety of plugins from Audiority. I will be sneaking in a few short 30 second, single riff demos of a few amps included in the upcoming, yet to be named collection from Ugritone/IMGL.

Now that I have finally decided on a format I like for live type sessions, I will be posting a few segments that we will be calling “Five minutes alone”. These videos will show about five mins of me dialing in and showcasing certain sims or techniques. I am going to give one a rip this weekend.

We also have so many prizes left to giveaway so stay tuned here, subscribe to our YouTube and follow us on social media if that’s your thing. Some giveaways will only be announced in one place so keep your eyes peeled.

The Neural DSP giveaways are both still wide open. See our posts on each giveaway as they are separate but two Neural DSP licenses are still available for the correct answers.

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