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We have a YouTube page for those of you that may or may not know. You can come and enjoy the high intensity, adrenaline filled product demos where I sit in a shitty (but comfy) chair pretending to play a song. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Well, I guess it doesn’t sound that amazing but seriously, what I can say is that when you subscribe to the Honest Amp Sim Reviews YouTube, you will get demos of a huge range of products done in ways that show you what things actually sound like. Raw demos with nearly zero processing, tone examples with minimal processing and then the odd video where we refine things a little more without going too far overboard.

Another thing we pride ourselves on in is having something for every guitarist. If we don’t have any focuses, features or spotlights on your personal favorite genres and styles, email us and let us know what we should add. I personally enjoy a ton of different stuff so I love trying to create tones for everything I can. I have an ear for a lot of tones but some I still need more experience with but I don’t post anything unless I am sure it does the product justice.

No paid positive reviews, no bias one way or the other. Just honest people trying to make good tones and having fun playing guitar just like everyone reading this. Help our YouTube grow so we can all help the technology grow.


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