Neural DSP Weekend!

This weekend at Honest Amp Sim Reviews we are dedicating our entire weekend to all of the plugins in the Neural DSP product line. Neural are one of the Heavy Month sponsors and their products can all deliver a wide range of heavy tones.

OH! I almost forgot, we are also giving away two Neural DSP licenses! Winners will get to choose any single plugin from the Neural DSP product line. We will be posting the exact details on Friday evening EST so stay tuned for how to win!

The choices are:

You can expect us to be rocking all of these plugins all weekend long. I will be putting them all to work on a number of genres; some stuff won’t be much of a surprise but we hope to provide a few new looks to put the versatility on display.

So drop by the website, Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube to check everything out this weekend. Bring your friends!

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