New Release Alert – STL Tonality: Will Putney!

STL Tones has release a brand new plugin in cooperation with Will Putney. Here is our first look at it.

STL Tones has release a brand new plugin and I have to say, this thing is KILLER!! The STL Tonality – Will Putney Guitar/Bass Plug-In Suite is a brand new collaboration between STL Tones and well known producer and guitarist Will Putney.

Tonality: Will Putney is a multi-amp suite that contains a pedal section for pre or post, four guitar amps, one bass amp, a matched cabinet for each amp, Will’s favorite EQ, a gate, a tuner and more. Another cool feature here that is unlike the Benson Tonality is the dual amp feature that you will see at the bottom of the pictures below. This feature is NOT showcased in our first couple videos because I wanted to showcase the individual amps before blending.


5150 II, Bogner Ubershall, Mesa Boogie TC100, Diezel VH4, 1969 Ampeg SVT


Bogner Ubercab 412, Mesa Oversized 412, Diezel front loaded 412, Laney Heritage Cab 412, Mesa powerhouse 810 bass cab.


There is also an insane recreation of the Focusrite hd215 “Million Dollar Console” Eq, which is Wills main guitar bus EQ. Plus a stomp box section with his favorite overdrive, delay, and reverb expanded with even more functions.

Here are two absolutely RAW video demos featuring AMP 1 and AMP 2 as well as the AMP 5 bass amp, please note, something funky happened to the AMP 2 video and it seems a wee bit off, I will fix this later today. The only processing used was my DAW EQ (ReaQ), that’s it. We do this to showcase the true tones of the plugin rather than setting unrealistic examples.

We will be posting three more videos soon showcasing the plugin’s other amps as well as a walkthrough of the plugin Saturday. Stay tuned to our YouTube!!

This plugin looks and sounds absolutely incredible to say the very least. You are all going to get a really good look at this plugin from our end this weekend but I can tell you, if you like any kind of distorted tones, buy this plugin immediately.

For those thinking “Hey, it must be the same Bogner as the last Tonality”, the answer to that is NOPE. This one is a fire breathing dragon in comparison and I am quite certain no one will be having to force any of these amps out of their comfort zone to do metal like we were seeing with Tonality:Benson. It djents kids, it really does djent so polish up your ERGs and hammer down!

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