New from Nembrini Audio!

The number of quality developers continues to grow. Igor Nembrini has recently started his own company after a decade of developing amp sims that were contracted by other companies. Where this information starts to get very interesting is that he created some of the Brainworx amp sims.

It’s hard not to be aware of how good the Brainworx amp sims are but if you haven’t heard of them please do check out our stellar reviews of the Brainworx sims or the world of top shelf reviews all over the internet.

Igor’s got two amp sims under the Nembrini Audio name so far. First is a very nice recreation of the classic SansAmp PSA preamp but done in a more multi-use saturation way and the other is a very nice amp sim based on the Soldano SLO100. I am beyond excited for the BST100 because I really don’t think there’s a proper software rendition of the SLO100 so stay tuned! Reviews, raw demos and playthroughs coming for both of these products very soon.

Check out Nembrini Audio asap HERE

Nembrini BST100 official launch video
Nembrini PSA1000
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