The Preset Vault is here!

You might notice the new tab in the menu that says PRESET VAULT. The Preset Vault is the brainchild of Rick @ Omega Station and Honest Amp Sim Reviews. Currently, the vault holds over 300 presets for amp sims and Superior Drummer 3’s core library.

Right now the preset vault is limited to plugins with an internal preset management system and believe me, we have a ton of plugins left to hit that do have such systems in place. These presets are universal from DAW to DAW and so on. However, for plugins that have no such system, we will be making tons of Reaper-only presets since we all use Reaper. These presets will start showing up any day now and they will cover a lot of ground eventually.

Right now all of the presets available were made by Rick but in June and through the summer, Brian, Johan and myself will also be adding a ton of presets so the vault is only going to get consistently bigger as we go.

Remember folks, presets are not meant to be final recording solutions. They are meant to be used as guidelines and a way to get to know a new plugin’s capabilities. The pickups we make these presets are the same as yours, our monitors are different and we all have different playing styles so they are all meant to be tweaked to your personal perfection.

Hit the Preset Vault tab anytime for a wealth of tones! (Yes, I am aware that was a terrible pun).


Coach T

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