April news/updates

This month has been insanely busy for us and I am certainly glad to have some proper help. Here’s a few things of note from April thus far.

NeuralDSP pulled a plugin seemingly out of thin air in the month of April. No pre-order, no announcement, just a few vague images of amps cloaked in shadows. These images set the amp sim universe a blaze, it was actually quite an entertaining few days. The result was the brand new Archetype: Plini; a three amp suite with pre and post effects and a high quality cab section from ML Soundlab. The plugin is on sale now right HERE. Our review is not up just yet but I can say, it’s a great plugin.

Kuassa announced some very cool looking plugins this month at Musikmesse 2019. One of the new products looks to be a full amp suite with a ton of components that carries the new tech from the successful Amplifikation Caliburn. Kuassa hit another gear with Caliburn so I am very excited to see where this goes and what the new plugins have to offer.

We are very hard at work on HEAVY MONTH which is approaching quickly. We will only be announcing the sponsors, everything else will be a complete mystery so there’s nothing undelivered. With Country & Blues month I definitely over extended myself and we had a few interviews that didn’t turn up as expected so this time out, it’ll all be a surprise. What we can say is that there will be a lot of fun things happening in May at HASR and we hope you’ll join us!

We have a full staff here now finally, we are now a team of four individuals and our main initiative is to help people find the gear and tones they are looking for. The page is growing, the support is growing and the tech is growing. Hang out, let’s jam!

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