New Release Alert – Archetype: Plini!

New from Neural DSP comes the Plini signature "Archetype" plugin.

I will be honest, it caught many including myself by surprise. Three images of amps cloaked in darkness and mystery had the internet nearly vibrating with anticipation. It was pretty funny how many times I read “I don’t care what it is, I am buying it” or other general remarks blindly wanting to purchase whatever was hiding behind the curtain immediately. NeuralDSP should be and likely are very proud of that kind of blind loyalty from their customers. I saw many speculations and voiced a few of my own on social media just to have them all fall flat in favor of this very unexpected but welcomed surprise.

For those of you that maybe don’t know the name, I don’t see it staying that way for long. I will admit, I was not overly familiar with his work until recently and I want to note how that happened. We all see names of terrific musicians daily in our travels but with the number of high level players growing all the time, sometimes it’s like white noise.

Neural Archetype: Plini

I read a 20+ page long thread about Plini on a forum and while it’s not unusual to see forums gushing over trending newer players, this was different. These people were talking about him in a way that people only talk about with guitar heroes vs. the usual banter. People talk about seeing these players like it was a revelation vs just being a sick show. When I eventually watched some videos, I saw what the fuss was about. He’s not just another shredder, this guy is taking guitar in another direction completely. I dare to even give his music a “genre” but if I have to, I will just say prog.

His tones are on another level as well and the plugin reflects both his ear for tone and his use of a variety of terrific guitar tones ranging from shimmery cleans to smooth leads, aggressive gainy rhythm to soaring leads. The bottom line here is that this was a terrific idea for a collaboration and the final product here is very impressive.

Three amps, a great cab section from ML Sound Lab, pre/post FX and more is included in the suite so it really is the perfect move for Neural DSP given that their highly rated NTS and Nameless suites were aimed at one specific demographic. That said, I really don’t think anyone had any doubt that NeuralDSP could provide more versatile plugin with the quality we have come to expect from their products. They had three top ranked plugins in 2018 and if this is a sign of things to come in 2019, we are very excited.

I sat down with the plugin for a couple hours today and I have to say, I am a big fan. It looks and sounds great from top to bottom, I have found zero weaknesses or downsides thus far and I suggest everyone grab the FREE trial NOW so you can give it a rip yourself. So far there’s no genre I have thrown at the Archetype the it couldn’t deliver. From country twang to crunchy punk and not leaving out flaming hi-gain.


Watch the Neural DSP introduction video