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Mercuriall Reaxis

Uses Rhythm, Lead, Clean, Crunch
Version reviewed1.2
Score: 5/5
Score: 5 / 5


The Triaxis was a huge part of a few bands I was in. It was part of a sort of community amp set up in my jam space for years. I have spent a lot of time with the real thing playing and I was really excited when the Reaxis was announced. For those unfamiliar, it was sort of like Mesa put a bunch of their amps in a metal box. It was also the cause of a LOT of guys having to buy deeper rack cases since it was a rare one-space unit with double the length. A long list of huge names in music history have used the Triaxis for a ton of different sounds so this plugin was a fantastic idea.


One thing about the Reaxis that I was really looking forward to was being able to use presets from the original unit. There is a wealth of them out there if you nose around online a bunch. You can also find a ton of typed out settings all over the place that you have to input yourself but they can really be worth it. Be sure to note that with a lot of presets you find, the cab and other things will default to a standard setting so you will have to go in and manually select impulses, turn FX on and off etc. The factory presets will give you a place to go but they are fairly bland and you really need to tune them to your setup.

The Pre-Fx section gives you access to a tube screamer, grid slammer, gate and wah pedal. The wah pedal is a new inclusion and it can be controlled with an expression pedal. I have to say that this is one of only two wah sims that I enjoyed. It’s decent without a lot of weird digital distortion you tend to hear with a lot of wah sims. All the pedal sims included are really well designed. I love the greed smasher because it can tame the high end of brighter tones. I would say try using it instead of the TS when you want to boost a brighter tone without adding harshness or hard to tame high mids.

I will have my personal tone from the original unit stored in my brain until death so I immediately needed to try it out and I have to say, it was bang on. I know a few guys that have done the same when they got their hands on this sim who all said the same thing so right away, I am really happy with it.

I sat with it for hours the first time I tried it out and I have done so many times since. There really is nothing the Reaxis can’t do. Searing high gains, heavy chugging tones, crunchy hard rock or punk tones, beautiful leads with nice attack and a whole bunch of nice clean tone options are all in here and readily available. Sims like this are just infinitely useful to any guitarist because they offer so many options and tone possibilities. I have used it for death metal, power metal, country, punk and a whole bunch of lead applications all with great results.

As usual, Mercuriall Audio add a small but very high quality bunch of impulses but with the 1.2 update, users can now load their own impulses into Reaxis which comes in very handy. The loader can also be bypassed in favor of your own loader and impulses. A great cab for the Reaxis is God’s cab from Wilkinson audio, it really hits the mark but I also found it meshed well with many of the Mesa Oversized 412 impulses that I tried. The Recabinet Genzie also gave it a really nice thick punch.


The Triaxis was and continues to be a huge part of some of the most incredible albums in rock and metal history. Mercuriall Audio has done a fantastic job at recreating the quality, versatility and power of the original units. There is quite simply zero downside to this sim and as close to perfect as it gets. If you are a fan of Mesa Boogie tone, you will want to check this plugin out right away,

NOTE: as mentioned above the Reaxis is able to import Triaxis presets. There are a number of these available on the net. A great resource is the Triaxis download page by Tony McKenzie.

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