As you may or may not know, this page is getting a complete redesign but we haven’t really given anyone the details as to what will be happening specifically because we were trying to pin point the areas that needed the most work. We determined that the whole page just needed to go.

First, the WordPress design is changing completely to a much more professional and easy design. The current page was never intended to be a lasting design, it was just intended to get the content up as a starting point. We have been up front about that from launch day and now it’s time to change things up.

The navigation will be vastly improved and we have had a few of our supporters going through our page for the purpose of making suggestions on how to make the page smoother and more convenient. Johan, one of our great supporters has offered to help us with this and so far, things look great!!If you have suggestions, email or message us.


April 19-22THE ALL VIDEO LONG WEEKEND!! This will be a weekend where both myself and Brian will be trying to upload as many videos as humanly possible while still maintaining quality. If you have a product you want to see in a demo, email us! It’s that simple.

April 26-27 – HASR will be down for the change over. There will be no activity on the page or social media that weekend but I will try and put up a video or two on Sunday. The long weekend brings a good stretch to put towards any remaining country & blues month features before HEAVY MONTH dominates all of May.

During the re-design, ALL of the pages have to be converted to posts so in doing so, I will be adding to, editing or just completely redoing every single review and page on the entire site. Reviews that were rushed will be made full, some reviews will be redone entirely. All of the missing reviews will also go up at this time. By May 1st, we will be as complete a resource as possible.

The scoring system will also change drastically and transferred to a very simple scoring system that will be more consistent across the page. It will look something like this:

1 – overall not recommended

2 – some very strong points but on average not that good

3 – overall good but nothing out of the ordinary

4 – overall very strong and high quality

5 – exceptional in every way

5+ – a perfect product that raises the bar

A huge addition for the new page will be THE PRESET VAULT!! You can find out more about the preset vault HERE. This will be a really great addition to the page and while it will be active in May, we will be hard at work on the vault until the fall.

In May we will be unleashing our Soundcloud as well. Every song you hear in a video demo will be put onto the Soundcloud with a full listing of the gear used. This may happen closer to June but we are going to get started on it shortly.

I will also be streamlining the schedule for both our staff and supporters, it will look something like this:

Monday – Friday – Reviews, interviews, various content uploads

Saturday – Tone Tutorials & Preset Vault uploads

Sunday – Video uploads

The past two months have been a learning experience. We know where we need to fix things up and we are working towards making HASR one of the best pages out there. We are looking forward all of this and we hope you are too.



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