We don’t make our demos for our own use, we make them for our supporters and developers alike.

We have asked the developers how we can improve our videos and demos but we also want to know what all of you think as well.

If you have a way we could improve our demos and videos, please don’t hesitate to email us or contact us on social media any time with suggestions.

I had never planned to do a ton of videos but I have grown to enjoy the process. I am still a newb to the process but it’s picking up. We will have a 4K quality camera within the next few months but in the meantime it’s cell phone and Gopro video with direct audio.

I like the 60-120 second demos a lot but I will be putting up playthroughs from a variety of projects I have on the go. There will likely never be a cover or a playthrough of a cover because I don’t believe in using other people’s material to get attention.

Contact us any time with suggestions to help the process. Even if you have low light shooting tips or really anything that can help us evolve, it’s all appreciated!!!

Thank you for your support and thank you for your help!!!

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