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There seems to be a lot of new users coming in lately and we just wanted to say hello and welcome to Honest Amp Sim Reviews!!!

We launched Jan 1st 2019 and we are a resource for ALL guitarists and bass players of any genre, any style and any preference. We try to ensure there’s something for everyone and while we have yet to hit a few of those goals, we do have a wide variety of content already posted. We try to leave no stone unturned.

We set out to review everything on today’s market by today’s standard. Not just the hi-gain/headless/djent amps, not just the newest stuff but ALL of it because last we checked, guitars and basses are used for tons of different music so amp sims and the plugins designed for these instruments should also be used for the same.

In April the layout will be changing to make it more user friendly and professional but in the meantime, please check out our reviews, interviews, tone tutorials, gear lists, quick guides and more. You can also find several demos on our YouTube as well as fun on our social media.

Thank you for checking out our page and please feel free to relay any suggestions or opinions via email to


The HASR staff


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