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Country & Blues month was a blast and there will be a spill over of features from March that will show up here in April.

From now on, we will be providing a loose and basic itinerary of things we know we have going on in said month. Things will obviously be added on the fly but now that there’s experienced help here at HASR, it will make for more activity.

There’s no real theme for this month but there will be at least some focus on doom/stoner/sludge tones throughout the month. I will be doing a few demos with the gear in our contest as well as having some fun with riffs as usual.

Here are some of the things we have coming up in April!

  • All remaining Country & Blues month demos, features and interviews..
  • A complete page re-design will be getting under way to create a better flow and user experience. Until now, it’s been the beta page so we need something nicer.
  • ALL of the pedal reviews will be completed
  • Many reviews on a variety of products we were unable to review properly in March such as Bias FX2, TH-U, Tonespot Bass Pro and many others.
  • Reader’s choice RIG OF THE WEEK
  • Better video quality
  • The Bundle of doom contest
  • 20+ Current reviews will be redone more competently
  • Odds & Ends – There’s a ton of small things that need updating, if you find something, let us know!!
  • Planning HEAVY MONTH

There you have it, that’s the plan. It’s not going to be an insanely busy month like March so all of the above will get sorted out and posted. Check out this page or hit up our various social media!!

If you have a product that you would like to see demoed this month, please let us know and it’s likely that it shall be done!

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