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Well, the time has come to close up the fences on Country & Blues month. It’s been one of the busiest months I can ever recall but also one of the most educational and memorable as well. I had a lot of fun this month to put it mildly.

You may have noticed that not all of the interviews and features materialized but don’t fret, everything is close. We are waiting on a few things that prevented us from putting the nail in the coffin but every single feature, tutorial, interview and editorial we planned will be up shortly. Beyond that, all of these genres will be present on the page at all times and they will be part of a fun new feature on the page coming up.

This was our first big feature and for both us and our sponsors, it was a success. We chose genres and styles to focus on that were well off the beaten path but it was incredibly entertaining changing things up to match vintage tones with plugins. There really just isn’t a lot of information out there for guitarists interested in plugins outside of the aggressive genres.We want to change that so we will be getting regular columns

There’s also still a brick wall between the minds of many vintage gear enthusiasts and digital gear. We tried to talk plugins where we could but in situations where no plugin experience was present, we managed to pull some great gear talk and advice from some incredibly gifted musicians and producers. This only further motivated us to promote amp sims and plugins to the markets that have either not yet been exposed to it or have not been convinced in it’s usefulness. We have also made some friends in the process and we truly appreciate the support from all of you this month.

We are always going to try and showcase the versatility in every plugin because as the consumer you likely want to know about everything the plugin can do. Every application a single plugin has makes it more and more valuable so this month was about trying to bring that tech to the front of the stage for the month. STL Tones, Sknote, JST and Dr.Bonkers are four of the companies we put more time into this month but the quality just needs to be shared. All of these companies can help you create professional quality home recordings in genres traditionally dominated by vintage gear. These emulations aren’t messing around and they sure don’t sound fake.

Regular reviewing and review uploads are back in action. I put reviews on pause for the feature month when we got gummed up. I had planned to do a few if there was time but time did not allow. This month exposed some weaknesses and areas in need of improvement so we addressed those areas by bringing on some trustworthy and experienced staff and a little wordpress assistance to improve the flow of the page. April will be a month of visual changes and updates so please be patient as the designs may change. We aim to have a concrete layout in place by the last week of April. More on that in April news.

Thank you so much to all of you for your support and a ton of thanks has to go to everyone at Joey Sturgis Tones. Thank you for the great prizes, graphics assistance and social media promotion. STL Tones, Sknote, Dr.Bonkers and Seacow Cabs also need to be thanked for their huge contributions to Country & Blues month. All of the support we received was sincerely appreciated!!

With that, Country & Blues month is officially closed but as mentioned, you can fully expect Tone Tutorials for the Tonality videos, 8 more demos, a few more interviews and a few other odds and ends in the next week or less. Country, Rockabilly, Surf, Southern Rock, Blues and Jazz will always be a regular part of this page!!

Thanks again!!

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