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Honest Amp Sim Reviews is happy to announce our new staff member!! It’s none other than Brian from Seacow Cabs!!!

Brian brings a ton of knowledge to HASR. His knowledge of impulse development and almost every area of the guitar / bass software industry. We have been collaborating together since well before we launched the page and we get along very well. That said, you can expect Brian to be a fixture around here for a long time to come. He will be doing reviews, columns and more.

Our opinions and reviews on Brian’s incredible freeware products and presets have never and will never add even the slightest bit of bias or influence. We have made some great friendships along the way with multiple developers but they all understand and respect that friendships are put aside when it comes to honest reviews. This will never change.

We will also be collaborating with Rick from the Omega Station Youtube channel on a preset vault that will hopefully by summer, include presets for everything imaginable from Helix to Neural DSP to Tonality and even going back to the LePou sims and beyond. Stay tuned on this one but expect at least a good start on things some time this spring.

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