Not sure how many of you have subscribed to our YouTube but if you haven’t yet, we just finished 5 videos showcasing great tones from STL Tones TONALITY!! Tonality won our amp sim of the year award in 2018 and a big reason for that was the plugin’s very high level of versatility. We wanted to showcase some of that versatility as part of Country & Blues month.

I utilized a huge variety of plugins and impulses but a constant across every song is Joey Sturgis Tones’ Bis Glue Billy Decker. These plugins absolutely pull mixes together. I would get the key tones in place and then use one of the BGBD plugins to enhance the right way. It’s a great set of plugins for any genre or application.

You’ll find these videos and more on our Youtube channel. The video quality isn’t fantastic but c’mon, you don’t want to see my face in 4K do ya? The audio is what matters and there’s no over-processing but I believe the mixes sound solid.

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