Positive Grid launched their brand new plugin today and we are in the process of reviewing it and it will be up likely this week with but we know that many out there are interested in this plugin right now so I wanted to post a short pre-review.

The gear selection is absolutely insane. There is a literal army of pedals, amps, cabs, pre/post effects and so much more to play around with. The quality of all this gear remains to be seen as we are still reviewing but the haul is certainly impressive.

The engine pulling things together amp wise is the same as the engine behind Bias Amp 2. Obviously there have been improvements and updates to it but from what I have been reading, the base tech is the same. That said, if you liked the quality of Bias Amp 2, you have a reason to buy and if you didn’t, I can tell you, as someone that didn’t like Bias Amp 2, BiasFX2 definitely has many improvements.

The clean to gritty tones inside Bias FX 2 are all vastly improved from any other Positive Grid product I have spent time with. It’s a universe sized improvement in fact. The detail, realism, note response and articulation of the cleans and slightly gritty tones are just on another level from the past PG offerings. Whether dry as a bone or enhanced with some reverb, delays and the tons of modulation effects, the tones are really nice.

Hi-gain and distortion have never been a strong suit of the Positive Grid plugins for me and while BFX2 absolutely has a multitude of improvements, the mid to hi-gain areas of the plugin lack realism and substance for me at times. I found a couple hi-gain tones that sounded ok but nothing I would record with given that I can go get the Emissary 2.0 for free and use that. Hi-gain applications are a big deal to many consumers and seemingly a must in every product so I sort of expected this to be an area of improvement. I am not seeing the same level of improvement here as I am with the rest of the plugin.

They have included some impulses from Celestion and a considerable amount of their own. The quality of the included impulses is solid but it’s a bit thin at times. Positive grid provided the ability to load user IRs but when I tried to do so, the CPU usage shot through the roof. I tried several with the same result but I would say this is simply a bug rather than an issue with the plugin. When I bypassed the loader for Nadir 2.0, the plugin gave me a lot more enjoyment. It’s not a shot on the product by any means, I never see anything wrong with using outside components to improve the sound quality of the tone.

I haven’t tried the pickup or guitar simulator or many of the other features at this time but the review will have a full write up on every aspect of the plugin.

Posted Mar 21st 2019