Artist Interviews Country&Blues Month

Danny Bryant

#1 – On the spot, no time to think, what tone comes to mind when someone asks your opinion on the best guitar tone ever recorded?

Eric Clapton’s tone on his blues album from “From The Cradle” Especially the track “Groaning The Blues” which was just a 335 into a high powered twin.

#2 – The pickup configuration in your signature model guitar by Fret King is pretty unique, what was the game plan behind the design? 

I do a lot of fly in shows, so I kind of wanted a “Swiss Army” knife of guitars. I can get everything from regular strats sounds, to a P90, to a full out humbucker from those guitars! All credit must go to Trev Wilkinson for the design

#3 – Your album “Revelation” has some incredible guitar tones on it. Can you take us through the main gear you used on the record?

The majority of the album was a Blackstar HT50 (which is what I tour with) we also brought in my old blackface super reverb. The guitars where a couple of limited edition custom shop strats ( a 59 and a 60) a BB King Lucille, a Gold Top Les Paul standard (a fairy new one from about 2013) A firebird and the Fret King.

#4 – You are in the studio currently recording your new album, how has the gear changed between “Revelation” and the setup you are using in the studio now?

It has remained pretty much the same. We had all of the above mentioned guitars, plus a 74 Strat that I own and a Baja Telecaster. The majority of the amp sounds remained with the BlackStar (I use no pedals) we also had a Vox AC50 in there as well as an AC30 and a fender Twin.

#5 – In a single guitarist band, how do you dial things in live or in the studio to create such a large presence in the mix while not just overwhelming the other instruments?

“I think it’s about listening to what’s going on around you, and then adjusting accordingly. “

I think it’s about listening to what’s going on around you, and then adjusting accordingly. When you tour with the same guys a lot you know where to leave spaces in the mix.

#6 – When you moved from Marshall to Blackstar amps, was it a huge adjustment or did if happen pretty seamlessly? 

I have to say it was fairly seamless. The Marshalls are great, but I found them a lot harder to dial in, I mean in the sense that the tone would change quite drastically from room to room. I find the Blackstar much more consistent in that regard. I love those amps.

#7 – Being that you’ve created a more compact setup over the years, have you ever been tempted to look into Kemper Profiling Amps or the AxeFx units given that many big names are switching over for convenience?

Not really. I can see why folks really like them…but my setup couldn’t really be any more simple. An amp, a guitar and a cord!

#8 – Have you ever had a chance to work with amp sim software or any of the modeling amps out there? 

No I never have. I am always open to new things and find gear fascinating, just like everyone else! But at the same time in that regard I am pretty simplistic.

#9 – Your tone and your music both have a heavy rock delivery at times, what rock guitarists or tones have influenced you over the years to where you are now?

So many! As I said earlier that tone on “From The Cradle” was a big one for me! Others that spring to mind are BB King, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray, Albert Collins, Freddie King and my mentor, Walter Trout.

#10 – You have built your career with good old-fashioned hard work. What advice do you have for aspiring blues guitarists? 

Just to get out there and tour as much as you can. It’s a great life to earn a living playing music, so have fun with it and never take it for granted. Let anything you like influence you and steal it.. that’s what we all do!

It was a lot of fun chatting gear with one of the hardest working guys in blues today. Danny’s tone is a wonderful blend of blues and rock with tons of power behind it.

Listen to Danny’s music on Spotify or check out all of Danny’s social media, label and gear links below!!!

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