When we started this page, we had a few reviewers helping out. We worked together to ensure the page was completed on time and I felt in most cases, the reviews reflected my own thoughts on the gear.

After some discussion, we have opted to redo 20+ or so reviews that were done by a reviewer whose opinions on amp sims and products don’t really match up with our scoring system. This reviewer has since moved on to another blog and his reviews will all be edited hopefully this month.

We have always intended for our reviews to be “living reviews” in the sense that they are always kind of open for updates and changes for when products receive updates. If you look at the bottom of each review, you will see an upload date or update date on 90% of them. In a few cases we locked the reviews because we knew the products would not be updated again. We also leave reviews open because we intend to update them all when industry standards for testing and our expectations change.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope these changes will help you all enjoy and trust our page even further.

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