We are half way into our Country & Blues month and I have to say, things are going better than we had expected! We knew going into it that it wasn’t going to be the easy way of getting our page more popularity but I think we have established at this point that we aren’t willing to do things just to increase the numbers. This month is about growing the technology and trying to have it spread into areas that it may not be as widely accepted or understood. Why continuously cater to only one demographic when the technology is capable of so much more? It makes no sense.

Moving into the future, we wanted to share our plans for coming months!

April is going to be a month of transition for HASR as we will be spending the month creating a more professional page design as well as learning new video techniques and better video software so our videos can become more fun to watch. We understand that our videos are grainy and the quality isn’t super but be gentle folks, we are learning! The deep freeze is also on it’s final lap in my neck of the woods so I will be getting outside and away from the industry standard of sitting parked in front of the home studio. I think we have all seen enough of those.

April will however be business as usual so you can expect tone tutorials, interviews and demos but we will be spending a lot of time planning our next big feature….


In May we will be giving everyone the metal they crave but with a lot more. We are calling it HEAVY month rather than METAL month because like country & blues month, there will be a great deal more involved genre wise. Stoner/doom, punk, hardcore, djent, thrash, German industrial, death metal, tech-death, black metal, grunge and so much more will be happening in May!! So buckle in and get ready!!

Moving onto July, we are going to dedicate July to BASS PLAYERS!!!! This means all bass players in all genres. This plan is in place though currently, it’s strictly a plan without a lot of details but the details will become available in May. We just wanted the bass players out there to know we are thinking about them too and to expect a lot of love in JULY!!!

Well, there you have it, that’s the basic plan for us moving forward. We want to thank you all for your incredible support, positivity and assistance in the short time we have been fully operational. You can all expect prize giveaways to be a thing we will always do to give back to all of you whether the prizes come from developers as donations or out of our own pocket!

Thanks again!!
The Boss

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