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SO much more to come in March

Hello and good day to everyone out there! My apologies for not having been as active as usual with the blog side of the page. I will admit, this month has been one of the busiest that I can recall but it has been worth every minute of the work we have put in.

I am learning a great deal about how this page should be running and we have identified some areas where we could really use some help and improvement. As a result, we are still looking for a graphics person to be part of the team here and we will be giving the site some improvements design wise.

The interviews have been slowly coming in so they should all be up in the next week or so. The interview side of things has been a huge challenge to put together and while we have been turned down a few times, we are beyond happy about how things are panning out.

I have personally spent the last two weeks learning as much as I could take in about the styles of playing we are featuring this month. The gear, the recording techniques, tips & tricks and the history of it all. I was semi-competent in all of the styles prior to this month but through research, interviews and trial&error, it’s nice to have bolstered both my skill and knowledge on the genres.

A big part of this month was growing the tech and trying to break through to the players that had no interest or confidence in amp sims in the past. We have kicked up some interest in plugins with some well known players and hopefully the interest spreads!

I ended up getting some tones that really impressed me and tones that I have really enjoyed building. I really hope the extra time we’ve put in so far this month shows to all of our supporters and we hope you will keep coming back. If anyone does wish to donate, feel free to paypal donate to

The next two weeks is going to be full of truly fun features surrounding some great genres and players. Stay tuned!

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