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Kuassa Efektor FZ3603 Fuzz

Kuassa has been around a long time and they have always done their own thing. One of the best things they have done for their company is the Efektor series of products.
Recommended retail price$25
Version reviewed1.0.5

Score: 9 / 10


Each product in the Efektor series is dedicated to one type of effect. The user gets five different stomps inside each plugin with three ways to tweak each stomp.

In this case, the focus on the plugin is fuzz which also includes muff type effects as well.


The entire line of Efektor plugins look great and I really like the uniformity across the whole collection. The GUI is simple and easy with a lot of value in all of the controls. Kuassa puts a selector on each pedal plugin to switch between the 5 included stomps.

The Fuzz tones inside Efektor Fuzz are truly awesome and the plugin carries a lot of versatility across the 5 types of fuzz/muff pedals included. Big, Sustainer, Trans, Vintage and Zepp models help to go between a variety of fuzz tones ranging from grunge, indie rock, classic, stoner/doom and a lot more.

The quality of each pedal in the plugin is very usable to say the least. You can really get some absolutely filthy saturated tones for any application but the options extend to buzzing leads and quirky but chaotic tones like you’d hear in a White Stripes solo.


It’s not a secret that I am a huge fan of fuzz and muff plugins and Kuassa’s Efektor Fuzz delivers a quality collection of options. Kuassa’s pricing is always very affordable for what you are getting. They also routinely have stuff on sale so be sure to have a look around!!

See more – Official Kuassa Efektor Fuzz introduction video

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