As of now we are only one week into Country & Blues month and the interview roster is building daily!! We can’t promise there will be as much plugin talk as usual but keep in mind that we can learn so much from the gear these fellas are using and their wealth of experience!! This is only about half of the artists we have reached out to and we expect to add at least another 8-9 well known names to this list. We hope you all enjoy!!

  • Austin Crum
  • Andrea Cesone
  • David Gogo
  • Luke McQueary
  • Brett Kingman
  • Luke Gallagher
  • Andy Gibson
  • Davy Knowles
  • Doug Seven
  • Johnny Hiland
  • Danny Bryant
  • Steve Strongman
  • Darren Savard
  • Chris Leuzinger
  • Billy Decker


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