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Overview – Seacow Cabs

Seacow Cabs is a freeware impulse developer based in Mexico. I heard about this guy’s cabs through Vadim Taranov at PVAmps.


At the time he only had a few cabs but immediately I could tell that he was doing things the right way. Since then, Seacow Cabs has been very active in adding several large, high quality libraries.

Sure, there’s a few really nice free impulse libraries out there from a variety of developers but Seacow Cabs is the only 100% freeware impulse developer actively releasing products. Now add in the fact that the products Seacow is releasing sound fantastic and it’s a no brainer to grab everything offered on the page.

The libraries Seacow Cabs offer involve a lot of detail in mic selection, mic positions, power amps and more. There are the individual libraries but also a more simplified Studio Pack that offers a more condensed and “best of” kind of experience for those that would prefer to just have a few options per cab to point them in the right direction.

The best product in the Seacow Cabs line is by far the Friedman Butterslax cabinet. It features two 12′ speakers, two 15″ speakers and great tone. This is also the first cabinet that Seacow Cabs went all the way for. The packs now feature mic blends and a lot more tone options.

We received a peak into things to come in 2019 from Seacow and in addition to several of his own releases we can announce that we will be collaborating together on a few products as well, stay tuned!


  1. Friedman Butterslax 12/15 cabinet
  2. Marshall 412 Dave Mustaine
  3. Zilla 412
  4. Studio Pack Collection (22+ cabs)
  5. Mesa Boogie 212 cab pack


  • Friedman Butterslax
  • SM 112
  • NB 412
  • Zilla 412
  • Zilla 212
  • Marshall BX


  • Bogner
  • ENGL
  • EVH
  • Fender
  • Fortin
  • Hartke
  • KSR
  • Laboga
  • Marshall
  • Mesa Boogie
  • Orange
  • Peavey
  • Randall
  • Revv
  • VOX
  • Zilla
  • and more


Celestion, WGS, Eminence, Hesu, Peavey Speakers : V30 (UK) Creamback, C90, ET90, Vet30


  • MD421
  • SM57
  • R121
  • U47
  • SM7B
  • Koles 4030

Seacow Cabs also offer Helix presets and more so be sure to check out everything he has to offer. What Seacow Cabs provides to the freeware market is simply massive. To be able to get impulses with this level of quality over a wide variety is just nuts to me. Always donate to your freeware providers folks.

Visit Seacow Cabs at

For some tone examples check our video using Seacow Cabs and STL Tonality. We also have TWO FREE Seacow Cabs packs available right here in our downloads section.

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