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Adam Bentley – Arch Echo

#1 – You have a ton of experience with amp sims but which one came first?

My first recording tone years ago was POD Farm 2 by Line6. It’s funny to listen back now.

#2 – From number one until this minute, which amp sims make your all-time list?

I’d have to say Fortin Nameless and NTS by Neural DSP are killer amp sims I use all the time. Toneforge Misha Mansoor is great as well.

#3 – As a producer and a player, what are the biggest selling features for you in a sim?

Something that has a lot of life to it and doesn’t take much effort to work in a mix. Good sounding IRs are important to me as well.

#4 – What areas of amp sims do you feel typically show the true overall quality?

The treble/presence and the input drive are usually immediate giveaways for me that it’s lacking realism or not. Again, quality IRs make a big difference.

#5 – You endorse ML Sound Lab impulses, they seem to be the talk of the industry right now. With so many incredible products already out on the impulse market, what sets ML Sound Lab apart?

I find that Mikko has an amazing ear for capturing IRs and he keeps the mix & production in mind. They sound very balanced and the character is very rich and responsive to the player.

#6 – As a producer, what is your recording set up / signal chain from start to finish?

I like to keep things pretty simplistic. It’s either guitar -> AxeFX -> USB to DAW, or guitar -> Presonus interface -> DAW ->Amp SimFor distortion I like the Fabfilter Pro-Q2 and the Waves SSL Channel Strip. Rarely ever use compression if guitars are the main instrument.Cleans I like to use 76 style compressors like the Waves CLA-76 or the Slate Virtual Mix Rack compressors. Not much else to it really!

#7 – As a guitarist in the band Arch Echo, what does your live rig entail?

For live I just go direct into my AxeFX II and that goes into our own Presonus live mixer. From their the signal is split and sent out to FOH and into my in-ear monitors. I want to start using cabs live though!

#8 – You have an incredibly handy and informative YouTube channel, what advice can you give to anyone recording guitar at home? Or perhaps a few videos you recommend above all for that purpose?

Thanks! Having the patience to experiment with amps and IRs is very important. Reference other mixes often, play cleanly and confidently and don’t rely on post-processing to salvage a guitar tone.

#9 – For the Axefx fans out there, what amps do you tend to gravitate towards in the Axefx and Kemper realms?

I’ve had a lot of luck with the Friedman HBE, The Diezel model (Das Metal), and the JCM800 for distortion. For cleans I enjoy the various Fender models.

#10 – If you were approached tomorrow to design your own multi-amp suite complete with impulses, pre and post. What gear would we find inside?

The answer to that question can change everyday! But today it’d be a Fender Deluxe Reverb and a Peavey 5150 modeled in one plug-in going through a Zilla Fatboy IR impulse!

Adam has built his reputation on being helpful, approachable and great at what he does and this interview is proof of all of the above. If you are looking for rock solid, easy to follow advice, tutorials & more on modern production, head over to his YOUTUBE CHANNEL. One thing is for sure on our end, Adam knows his stuff with guitar and guitar tones so he is always welcome to talk with us at HASR.

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